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In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, it is reported that the owner of the website is Colecciones Genehtik S.L.

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Taking into account the impossibility of control over the information, content and services contained in other websites, which could be accessed through the links contained on our website. Collections Genehtik S.L. is exempt from any responsibility for damages of any kind that could derive from the use of these web pages outside our company by the user, to whom we recommend reading the legal notices that regulate all the webs.


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In the event that any person considers that on this website, any rule regarding intellectual and industrial property rights or other rights is being violated, please notify us in order to restore the disturbed order, if that is the case. has occurred.


Collections Genehtik S.L. offers content, services and quality products. Using the utmost diligence both in their presentation and in the technology used. We will not be responsible for the presence of viruses or other elements that in any way may damage the computer system, documents or files of the user. We do not guarantee the correct operation regarding the availability and continuity of our website. To the extent possible, users will be informed of any interruption in the service and it will be resolved as soon as possible. Collections Genehtik S.L. is exempt from any responsibility derived from the incorrect operation or interruptions of our website.

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Our website will be governed exclusively by Spanish legislation.

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